And the July Flashes Winner is…

Pamela Miller with Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary! Congrats Pamela. 🙂


Title: Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Word Count: 197

The engine noise smothered my banging heart. For our fiftieth wedding anniversary we’d received the ‘thrill of a lifetime’. My lifetime was about to end. The seventy year old wife looked ecstatic—she loved adventure. I hid my feelings; if she could do this, so could I. The instructions were comprehensive—with rules galore. One such rule—make sure nothing loose is taken with you on the jump. I knew my toupee would be safe as it was tucked inside the compulsory helmet. My wife looked delirious as she was strapped to a well-built male. She grinned at me and I gave her a feeble wink. I was as uncomfortable as all hell having to be clipped so close to the front of my bloke, his hot breath in my ear. Get ready, came the instruction, and before we knew it we were away. She went first—I followed two-seconds later. Oh, the lightness! Oh, the wind! A gust smacked me in the face making my lips loose. I was about to respond to the instructor bellowing, ‘How are you?’ when fingers of wind whipped my dentures from my mouth. Some farmer will struggle with that mystery.

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