And the August Flash Winner is…

Ash Leonard with The River! Nice work Ash!


Title: The River

Word Count: 150

‘You need to be brave. I’m only showing you this because I trust you.’ My sister Amanda

said, helping me down the steep riverbank.

I nodded, feeling important. Amanda never confided in me. This had to be something big.

He was wrapped in a brown coat, so at first I thought he was a log, until I saw his hair. It floated

eerily, cluttered with river debris. I reached out to turn him over – he was within arm’s length, and I

couldn’t see his face.

‘Don’t touch!’ Amanda hissed. ‘You can’t tell anyone, Kelsey. We’ll get in trouble.’

I pulled my hand away quickly.

‘But we didn’t do it!’

‘Promise me you won’t tell, okay? Or I will never tell you a secret again.’

I felt sick as I watched the body bobbing gently in the shallow water. Amanda’s hand was gripping

mine, her nails digging into my skin.


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