And the October Flash Winner is…

Pamela Miller! Congrats! 🙂


Title: The Proposal

Word Count: 149

Round and round they spun, the grass cool against their feet. With a lift that took the breath from her body Gerald placed her in the fork of a tree. Her yellow dress floated around her knees and the breeze lifted it’s diaphanous folds. He breathlessly planted himself firmly in front of her.
‘I’ve had many happy moments in my life, and I know I’ll have more, but this is one cemented forever.’
Rachel laughed down into his face, her eyes as wild and excited as his. ‘Oh, yes, a thousand times, yes.’
Adoration of the other takes lovers into a mystical world; the love that swirls around the young—with the promise of a future with endless hope and joy—tells them angels have sent their blessings.
Gerald lifted her down, swinging her around again. He kissed her tenderly then took her hand.
‘Let’s go look at rings.’

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