November Flashes

This month’s parameters were:

Length: 100

Genre: Fantasy

Keyword: Fever

And so the entries are:


Title: Queen’s Champion

Word Count: 100

The stench of rotting flesh drifted into Unicorn Valley spreading panic among the inhabitants.
Only Draugr smelled like that! They had left their graves. They were coming!
Rigor, Queen’s Champion led his men to the pass, his winged helmet giving them courage.
He leapt into the path of the invading horde brandishing his sword. As the battle raged around him Rigor heard the valkyries singing his name. Odin would spare Unicorn Valley but the great god required a sacrifice.
Battle fever strengthened Rigor’s arm. The queen heard the singing and wept. Her champion would drink mead in Valhalla this day.


Title: Sylvester The Avenger

Word Count: 100

Along the cobbled streets, on the darkest night, between the rows of filthy terraces, with muffled feet came the Dirt Doctors as they called themselves, heading uphill to the cemetery where headstones loomed black against a moonless sky. Awaiting them, hidden in the moaning pines was Sylvester, grief stricken, and in such a fever of anticipation his sword blade burned. Only the fresh graves of young men and women were chosen for restoration to the undead and enslavement in the crystal mines. One bride corpse will remain undefiled this night, when Sylvester’s burning sword brings conflagration to incinerate the evil Dirt Doctors.


Title: Fever

Word Count: 100

Maddy rose up and took flight on the wings of the eagle. High above the clouds she soared, up and away from the pain and the fever. Leaving behind the sorrow and grief. “Don’t look back,” she cried out. The eagle knew his task and his wings stayed firm and safe as they flew throughout the night. He sang of joy in gentle soothing songs, and Maddy relaxed and felt once more at peace.
Ahead lay a beautiful paradise and the eagle called out, “Hang on Maddy, we’re nearly there!”
Then came the cry of her mother’s voice, “Maddy, Maddy.”


Title:The Sad Lion of Gottingen; a Story Inspired by one of the Ancient Carved Lions out the Front of the Old Town Hall Building in the City of Gottingen in Germany

Word Count: 100

There was once a cat in Gottingen. Young and frisky, happy and carefree, but… ever since he’d heard of lions, he had a fever to be one.
One day he pounced on a brightly coloured bird, like he’d never seen. He was about to end its tiny life.
‘I will grant you a wish if you spare me.’
The cat believed the bird, he let it live.
He was reborn as the statue of a lion, he still stands unmoving, to this day, rained on and humiliated by sparrow and pigeon alike. I have seen him. He does not smile.


Title: Young Shivers

Word Count: 100

‘So! I’ve changed my mind!’ Goblin sneered at Shivers, watching the young elf tremble.
‘But…you said three! Three wishes…if I chanted the words. Three!’
When the old tree had begun speaking to the raggedy elf, imploring him to chant an incantation, he was willingly helpful. Three wishes would be very handy.
Shivers was now long-faced at Goblin’s change of mind. Goblin, released from his hundred year oaken prison, began shouting in a fever frenzy. ‘One wish, before I withdraw even that. Hurry! Gold, riches—your pick.’
‘Okay,’ sighed Shivers. ‘I wish you were a bag of diamonds.’


Title: Where Is The Wind

Word Count: 93

Grandma, I want to see the wind. Where is the wind?

You can’t see the wind, Nicholas.

What does the wind do, Grandma?

The wind blows the autumn leaves across the grass. In fever-like flurries they tumble. Red, yellow, brown and orange.

What else does the wind do, Grandma?

The wind blows the clouds through the sky. Look up. The big white fluffy clouds are in a hurry. The wind is blowing very hard today.

Nicholas hasn’t seen the wind but now he knows what the wind can do.


Title: The Rock Pool

Word Count: 100

She stretched naked on the smooth, warm rocks. The lower half of her shapely form was veiled by ocean foam, her long blonde hair drifted like golden seaweed on the water. She laughed as waves splashed over her body. They receded, leaving her glistening in the sun.
He crept between rock pool and shore blocking her retreat, sure she was trapped. Almost within reach, his shadow blocked the sun alerting her to his presence.
With a graceful swirl of emerald scales her tail rose and smacked the waves, drenching his fever with salt water as she disappeared under the sea.


Title: Fever

Word Count: 97

It is midnight and in a small, exquisitely proportioned room at the top of a long flight of stairs a baby lies sleeping, bathed in moonlight. Outside fever and hunger stalk the land. A small black cat with brilliant emerald eyes lies curled, purring at the foot of the cot. An owl perches on the mantelpiece, wide-eyed, unblinking. In another room somewhere an ancient clock chimes deeply, and its echo prowl the shadowy corners where the moons light do not reach, like living things. The baby wakes startled, wide-eyed, wriggling, unfolds his tiny wings, and flies away.


Title: Boxing Day

Word Count: 100

It was over, done, complete, he was hers for the rest of the week, and then it would all begin again. This one week, her favourite week of the year. She loved the joy he brought others but now it was her turn. The fire that burned inside her felt hotter than a fever, if he didn’t do something soon she thought she might melt any snow within a 50 foot radius, or turn the same colour as his pants. Those pants, they fitted his every curve so snuggly, she could barely stand as he took her in his arms.


Come along to our poetry night on Wed 19th 7pm at The Main Bar in Ballarat to hear the results firsthand 🙂


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