And The November Flash Winner is…

Pamela Miller with her story Young Shivers! Congrats (again) Pamela 🙂


Title: Young Shivers

Word Count: 100

‘So! I’ve changed my mind!’ Goblin sneered at Shivers, watching the young elf tremble.
‘But…you said three! Three wishes…if I chanted the words. Three!’
When the old tree had begun speaking to the raggedy elf, imploring him to chant an incantation, he was willingly helpful. Three wishes would be very handy.
Shivers was now long-faced at Goblin’s change of mind. Goblin, released from his hundred year oaken prison, began shouting in a fever frenzy. ‘One wish, before I withdraw even that. Hurry! Gold, riches—your pick.’
‘Okay,’ sighed Shivers. ‘I wish you were a bag of diamonds.’

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