And The February Winner is…

Nicholas Boulter with The Young Gun’s Son. Congrats!


Title: The Young Gun’s Son

Word Count: 246

At his sweltering hot ground level station Noah builds up the tyres, layer upon layer. Sweating away profusely in the livid heat, pressing the raw tread of rubber against the solid steel drum as it moulds into place.

“Get out of the goddam way Noah!” howls Landon from his crane on the sweltering hot top level, his avastly abrupt pitch smothering the repetitious sounds of manual labour throughout the factory. The rookie jumps back like clockwork to the sound of his bosses warning, avoiding the avid cables from snapping cleanly across his face. A shocked Noah takes a deep breath, patting himself down with sweaty pulsating hands ensuring that he remains intact. ‘I’ve done it this time’ thinks Noah frantically ‘I can still taste that dam liquor too; he’ll smell it on me for sure… I ain’t losing my job… Sure as hell ain’t losing my boy!’ Noah turns his gaze scanning the upper cranes for the silhouette of his precariously aggressive yet makeshift hero of a boss; his eyes find Landon in the crane directly above. In a final attempt of sympathy for his callous tomfoolery, Noah speaks “That must be the second time you’ve saved me this week old man!” a mischievous yet grateful smirk splitting open across his young charred face. A furious Landon had already left his crane, rapidly descending down the fleet of steel steps bellowing “Grab your gear and get to the car park!” conveying himself sternly towards the exit.

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