August Competition

A 250 word romance, keyword ‘smile.’

ENTRY 1 – Her. 45 words.

I love Her and I smile at her for she makes all. Her makes love with me. Her is inside me. Her guides me at all the times. Her made me a little wild. He medicates me but with Her medicine. It’s all Her.

ENTRY 2 – The Awakening. 250 words.

The boy was new to my class. He sat in the desk beside me, head hanging down.
‘I’m Lucy, what’s your name?’ He glanced at me with clear blue eyes as ginger curls fell across his brow.
‘Charlie,’ he replied, a flush spreading over his freckled face.
‘Do you want to be my friend?’ He nodded and a smile appeared.
In the school yard I held his hand and showed him around the playground. The others looked on, sniggering as they gathered into their groups.
The days were suddenly brighter, and each morning I ran to meet Charlie at the gate. In the shelter shed he told me stories about his life–his family moved from town to town, his father was a shearer, and his mother was a cook. His world sounded exciting, and I clung to his every word. He held my hand and kissed my cheek, and I was filled with joy.
The other children said his family were poor and his father drank a lot. I didn’t care.
Charlie came to school one morning with a bruise on his face and said he’d fallen off his bike. The next day I waited at the gate until the school bell rang. I stared down the road– willing him to appear. I sat alone at the desk as the teacher told us Charlie was not returning to class. A deep sadness descended on me as I looked at the empty seat beside me, and tried not to cry.

ENTRY 3 – Watermarked. 123 words.

Every day I can see your white water that shaped these rocks full plane.
I beat and wash on such softened surface to dislodge the unbidden pain.
My simply eye only sees saturation and process
while you wash and wash away.

I know you fill and empty bladders of cells for life to go
and you steam in your love with the sun.
Collecting yourself into clouds you rightly fall
into the earths’ cups and channels for new lines every day.

You are our wherewithal
You are my tear.
You crack the rocks.

With my soft tongue partly yours and with your saliva on it we wet our lips as I raise a toast and smile ‘to you water, my love, my all’.

ENTRY 4 – The Smile. 132 words.

She arrived to pick him up from Ballan, stepping lightly down the platform, bouncing on the heels of her ankle boots as she moved closer to him. She saw him, watched him stepping off the train, holding his coat and scarf to him, overnight bag on his shoulder. Both grinned as they hugged, hi, hello, I missed you, yay you’re here, all said between kisses, many kisses, short kisses ,light kisses, on cheeks, lips, cheeks again. They held each other tight as they walked her backwards, head to head, chest to chest, her feet balancing on his. She smiled at me sitting window seat on the train, I smiled too. Her love was perfect at that moment on the platform in Ballan. She couldn’t not smile. My smile I caught from her.

Results will be published here on the blog and the winner will be contacted on Wednesday October 7th.

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