May Flashes

Joy Merritt is May’s winner with her story, Cloud of Smoke.  Congratulations, Joy!


Genre:    horror/gothic

Word count:    50 words

Keyword:    cloud


Entry 1  Night wandering

Words: 49

The creaking of floorboards woke her. Heart hammering, she peered out from behind the shield of her duvet, gaze fixed on the bedroom door as dread clouded around her. The approaching footsteps, so familiar. She reached for the stained, sticky knife by the bed, and whispered, ‘Stay dead, Uncle.’

Entry 2  Potential

Words:  49
What is it about a creeping grey and black mottled cloud that fills me with a strangely exhilarating horror, the sense of something, someone bearing down dripping necklets of ruby, invisible fingers probing, moulding my heart, paring back layers of my mind, and exposing a potential for the unthinkable?


Entry 3  The Last Goth  

Words:      46

Charlintha was her name the last of the Goths,

tried and sentenced under the law of witchcraft,

exorcism of the living, rebirth of the dead.

She was condemned to death by burning upon the stake,

on a night when the cloud hid tears of the moon.


Entry 4   Cloud of Smoke

Word count: 50

The crowd gathered on the cobblestones around the caped magician. Watching the illusions, delight shone on the children’s faces.

He tipped his top hat and winked, announcing the grand finale.

A huge cloud of smoke was conjured with flair, and once it dissipated, the magician and the children had disappeared.


Entry 5   The Waiting 

Words: 48

Darkness was gathering. Overhead, heavy cloud threatened to break. Still, I would not enter the house. Something was watching me from inside. Blank windows stalked me. There was no escape, save barren cliffs and, below, the rough, rocky sea. Death waited patiently, my decision irrelevant. Would I jump?



Genre:    horror/gothic

Word count:    50 words

Keyword:    cloud

Entry Conditions:

You must be a Ballarat Writers member to enter.

Entries will not be accepted if they exceed the the word limit – even if by a word, and must comply with all the stated parameters.

All entries are to be submitted to by Friday, 20th  May. Your email must include author’s name, story title and word count.

Voting will open the next day here on the blog.

Come along to our Members’ Night on Wednesday, 25th May, 7pm at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel to hear the winner announced. (Results will also be posted here on the blog the day after.)

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