August Flashes

The winner of this month’s Flash Fiction competition is Linda Young with her story, Water Tight. Congratulations, Linda!

This month’s parameters are:

Genre:        detective fiction

Words:        90 – 100

Keyword:   sonorous (remember to include this word in your story)


Entry Conditions:

You must be a Ballarat Writers member to enter.

Entries will not be accepted if they exceed the maximum word limit – even if by a word, and must comply with all the stated parameters.

All entries are to be submitted to by Friday, 26th August. Your email must include author’s name, story title and word count.

Voting will open the next day here on the blog.

Come along to our Members’ Night on Wednesday, 31 August, 7pm at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel to hear the winner announced. (Results will also be posted here on the blog the day after.)

August stories

Entry 1      Water Tight

Detective Stoner cast his eyes over the body of the young girl. Drowned they said. Three teenage boys sitting by the edge of the river; fear in their eyes. Stoner looked at the still water and shook his head. They’d been swimming, they claimed, when the girl had been dragged under. Stoner’s stomach tightened – no crocs in this river; no currents. Turning the body over, he noticed the ripped bathers, the broken teeth. Stoner strode across to the older boy, glimpsed the damaged knuckles and turned to the sergeant, ‘Take them to the station,’ he ordered in a sonorous voice.


 Entry 2   A Theft of Sonorous

“A most peculiar thing”

thought the librarian

as she closed the book.

She then searched for a Detective

who would specialise in this type of crime.


Detective Script arrived at the scene.

He looked through the book

as he scratched his chin.


“Words are missing,

stolen from time.

Plagiarism?” she asked.

No more to the point,

a theft of sonorous.”

replied Detective Script.


“What shall we do?”

asked the librarian.

“Have no fear no worry at all,

this crime I will solve!”

replied Detective Script.


He pulled out a black

felt pen from his jacket

and began writing new words.

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