June Flash Fiction

Entry Conditions:

Entries are limited to paid members only. Entries will not be accepted if they exceed the maximum word limit – even if by a word, and must comply with all the stated parameters. Your email must include author’s name, story title and word count.

All entries are to be submitted to competitions@ballaratwriters.com by 5:00pm Friday, 23 June. Voting will open here on the blog at this time and will close at 4:00 pm on Wednesday 28 June.

Come along to our Members’ Night on Wednesday, 28 May, 7pm at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel to hear the winner announced. (Results will also be posted here on the blog the day after.)

This month’s Flash Fiction parameters are:

Prompt: Include the sentence, “You’re an Idiot”

Genre: Drama 

Word count:  100-110


June Flash Fiction Entries

Entry 1       6:12

Words:    110

“you’re an idiot a stupid stupid idiot” she kept repeating to herself as she sat on the rock.

Then she saw her reflection in the water.

With each ripple of water as a fish swam by she felt something change.

The hurt dissolved to be replaced by hope.

The hatred sunk to the bottom of the lake as she felt compassion for the first time in a long time.

Her reflection changed further as tears released the final remnants of her past.

The rising sun warmed her back as she walked away.

All that was left to greet it was a loaded gun and a book on top that rock.


Entry 2    Kiss Me

Words:   106

“Don’t just sit there, kiss me.”

“Kiss you?”

“Yes; you know you want to.”

“Why would I want to do that; I hardly know you?”

“We’ve been taking notes at this tiny table, and role-playing together, for four days. You know me.”

“Sitting beside you does not constitute knowing you.”

We’ve eaten together, compared notes together. Critiqued each other’s work. You know me.”

“I’m married.”

“So am I.”

“Have you learned anything here?”


“This week of workshops is to strengthen our resolve not to stray in our relationships.”

“But you like me. I like you. Come on, kiss me.”

“You’re an idiot. You’ve learned nothing.”


Entry 3   Easy Target

Words:   110

Steve peddled his bike madly along the back road, praying Dave wouldn’t find him. Then he saw the Ute come tearing around the corner, bumper bar smashed, dints in the doors, no number plates. Dave whispered ‘got you!’ pressed his foot hard on the accelerator and swerved towards the bike. Steve held on tight and slid into the gutter as Dave yanked back the steering wheel and shot past.

‘You’re an idiot,’ Steve yelled, raising his fist as he picked up the bike. The Ute did a sudden U-turn, and Steve felt his stomach lurch. Dave tightened his grip on the wheel – his mouth set, his eyes cold and hard.


Entry 4     Wreck

Words:   110

My brother storms into the kitchen, a set of keys swinging from his index finger.

‘Ella, I need help.’

Fragments of glass are tangled in his hair, glinting under the fluorescent lights. Mum told him not to do anything stupid, her words thick as she tried to stem the flow from her broken nose while waiting for the ambulance. She begged Simon not to touch him.

I glance past Simon to the front lawn, where Darren’s prized BMW sits. The tyres are flat, rims bent, the windscreen scattered over the car’s front seats.

            ‘You’re an idiot,’ I groan, but I follow him to the wreck. We have to hide it. 


Entry 5    The Idiot

Words:     110

Not for the first time, the old man lay dying, legs curled under him like a newborn foal, open mouth revealing ancient, rusted teeth. You could be mistaken for thinking he’d gone already.

Emergency fluoros illuminated a weary gaggle of nurses. How hard they work, thought Louise, tearing her eyes away from her father’s heart monitor. It was all she had.

“He’s slipping again,” Louise whispered, to the bearded nurse. Had he heard, over the beep of the alarm?

“Tell the next shift,” he replied, moving to the monitor. He flipped a switch. The red blink disappeared.

“Problem solved,” he said to Louise.

“Sorry,” she answered, “but you’re an idiot.”


Entry 6   Three Wishes

Words:   109

A Genie watches while you are reading this.

Hoping you find these words interesting;

so interesting that they bring you magic.


Magic in the form of wishes.

Three wishes. Yes, vote for this

and you will receive three wishes

for anything your heart desires.


But, if you choose not to vote for this,

your three wishes will vanish

beyond the curtains of time.


Make your decision straight and true,

remember the three wishes are waiting

among these words for you.


If for some illogical reason

you decide not to vote for this

dramatic spine tingling write.

Next time you look into a mirror,

you will see you’re an idiot!


Vote here:







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