October Flash Competition

General Information:
Entries are limited to financial members only. Entries will not be accepted if they exceed the maximum word limit – even if by one word, and must comply with all the required parameters. Your email must include author’s name, story title, and word count. One entry per member, and sent as a Word file (.doc or .docx file). PDF files will not be accepted as they lose formatting in transition.

Submit entries to: competitions@ballaratwriters.com by 4 pm Friday, 20 October 2017. Voting will open here the next day and will close at 4 pm on Wednesday 25 October.

Come along to our Members’ Night on Wednesday 25 October at 7 pm at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel to hear the winner announced. You can have dinner there from 6 pm (Results will also be posted here the day after.)

This month’s Flash Competition parameters are:

Genre:     Memoir

Word count:      not more than 295 words (the title is excluded from the word count)

Conditions of entry

Your entry must:

  1. Be in 12 point Times New Roman font
  2. Have single line spacing
  3. Have a title
  4. Include the author’s name
  5. Include the word count; exclusive of the title
  6. Be submitted as a Word.doc, or .docx file (PDF files lose all formatting in their transition and will not be accepted in that form)

P.S. The use of F7 on your keyboard is highly recommended. If you are not familiar with this valuable aid to accuracy, Phil Green is happy to assist. Email him at philgreen@eftel.net.au

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