May 2020 Entries – Read & Vote Now

Voting is now open and will close at 11.59pm on Monday 25th May. To vote, simply use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.

Prompt: Use the phrase “Winter is Coming” somewhere in your piece.
Style: Write in any style you please. Including but not limited to fiction, poetry, playscript, non-fiction and creative non-fiction.
Limit: 400 characters, not including the title.

Entry 1: Departure
You are leaving:
used baggage tags are crumpled on the bed
and your lips rehearse the words and wine of elsewhere.
Winter is coming:
green ribbons of leaves turn sepia, dry and fall;
the sun is covered by a thick grey blanket.
I shut the gate watching tail lights
and the way you sit
and stare straight ahead.

Entry 2: Is Coming
Spring is coming, it will soon be here
Spring is coming, it means no more fear
Spring is coming, bringeth new love, bringeth new birth
Spring is coming bringeth joy to the earth
Summer is coming we toil and acquire
Autumn is coming, we divorce and retire
Winter is coming, it will soon be here
Winter is coming, it means no more fear
Winter is coming, an end in sight
Winter is coming to extinguish the plight

Entry 3: I Lost Autumn
Autumn passed by me in barely a trot
One moment twas hot, and then, well, it was not
Yeh, I did see the changes, the trees turning brown
From the lounge room bay windows, the leaves falling down
But closed up inside home, your cut from the world
And the friend’s front-gate banter has all but been foiled
So while sunshine was there, on many a bright day
I know winter is coming, cos we’ve done most of May.

Entry 4: Winter’s First Day
The sun is slowly setting at dinner time
The sun is slowly setting on May
Dew covered grass greets us in the morning now
Winter is coming
With a multitude of multi-coloured beanies
Welcomed warmly back onto my head
Presents will arrive in brown cardboard boxes
Ordered and wrapped for myself
None of it will be a surprise
But I will celebrate anyway
My birth coinciding with winter’s first day

Entry 5: Unprecedented Weather
After three days of torrential rains
and single figure top temperatures,
I heard a guy from the
Bureau of Meteorology predict,
“Winter is coming”.
It seems an unprecedented cold blast
of moist air is blowing up from Antarctica.
Two days later, snow down to 300 metres,
with falls up to ten centimetres
in regional centres across Victoria.
The State is unprepared for such falls,
roads blocked, rail services halted;
you’d think it was Covid-19 or something.

Entry 6: Changing Seasons
The icicles on my eyelashes dripped into my hot chocolate as the crackling fire danced light around the room. Hot chocolate sprayed everywhere as I felt something cold caress the back of my neck.
“Shit Lorelai don’t scare me like that.”
“Aw Luke, you were so intently listening to the radio, I didn’t want you to miss hearing that winter is coming.”
“I think it came a month early.”
“I’m a month late.”

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