July 2020 Entries – Read & Vote Now

Voting is now open and will close at 11.59pm on Monday 27th July. To vote, simply use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.

Prompt: Write to the theme of ‘My Perfect Sunday’.
Style: Write in any style you please. Including but not limited to fiction, poetry, playscript, non-fiction and creative non-fiction. Why not surprise us and give us a recipe, a book report or some song lyrics? Anything goes, as long as it fits in the given parameters for the month.
Limit: 200 words. This does not include the title.

Entry 1: Nala

Tomorrow is the best day. She doesn’t go off in the car early. We get to sleep in, and if I am extra careful, I can sneak up onto the bed and cuddle up against her back! It is not like other days when I am rudely woken, pushed out the door, usually spending the rest of the day asleep on the old couch in the courtyard. Yes, it is dry, but I’m lonely, and the cold wind sometimes sneaks in around the corners!

Tomorrow starts late, and there are lots of chin scratches and smooching. I love it when she idly tickles my head, we laze there, blankets rumpled, the warm fuggy smell of the room. 

When we are both up, I get weet-bix and hot milk for breakfast! Sometimes there is a dollop of golden syrup. And there is no rushing around. We plan our day together, and we always include the park! 

One glitch might be the hose! It was just lying on the ground yesterday. That orange, hard bit at the end was too tempting, and yes, I admit, I did just give it a bit of a chew! I wonder if she will notice it?

Entry 2: Recipe for a Perfect Sunday
Prep Time:
Sleep in for an extra hour.

A healthy measure of sunshine. Can be substituted with a warm fire.
Family to share the day with. Family can be substituted with friends.
Enough of your favourite foods to ensure you don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.
A generous dollop of gratitude.
A good movie to enjoy. Can be substituted with a good book.

Be thankful for what you have. The more you focus on gratitude the more your gratitude will grow. If you’ve been too busy all week, taking the time to appreciate nature could help you prepare for the week ahead. Breathing in some fresh air while elevating your heart rate within a healthy range is a
value usage of time.
Share the food with family or friends.
Take time to listen more than you talk.

Cooks Note:
There is no such thing as perfect, but heart warming can be very satisfying.

Nutritional Facts:
Spending time with loved ones is generally recommended in regular doses.
Investing in your own health can dramatically increase your quality of life.
Taking the time to take care of yourself is an effective way of helping others.

Entry 3: My Perfect Sunday

My Perfect Sunday
Serving: 1
Time: As long as it takes
Difficulty: Easy

1 x Body
1 x Sliver of daylight
1 x Warbling Magpie
1 x Snuggly Partner
1 x Kitchen
1 x Kettle
1 x Cup of tea
1 x Good Book

• Take the sliver of daylight and let it play gently over your sleeping body
• Stretch and flex your waking body, savouring the feeling
• Let the sound of the warbling Magpie fill your soul with delight
• Roll over and fold into the embrace of your snuggly partner
• Stay in this position for as long as necessary
• Once body feels awake enough to move, gently head towards the kitchen
• Boil the kettle, once again enveloped in the Magpie warble
• Prepare the tea and allow to steep to your liking
• Return body to bed, kiss your partner, and open your book preparing to be taken away
• Allow this process to relax the mind and body

Note: Tweak any of these steps to suit you, your mood, and your preferences. Perfect Sunday can either be enjoyed alone or shared. Not suitable for freezing.

Entry 4: Always You

Me, and

Perfect weather.
Eating brunch under the vines on the terrace;
Reading bits of the papers out loud to each other.
Far away, a carillon of church bells.
Endless time out of time.
Could be any day, as long as we’re
Together, but

Sundays are the best days:
Undone things stay undone.
Nothing stops these matchless moments.
Don’t need anything at all, except

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