August 2020 Entries – Read & Vote Now

Voting is now open and will close at 11.59pm on Monday 31 August. To vote, simply use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.

Prompt: On The Rack
Style: Write in any style you please. Including but not limited to fiction, poetry, playscript, non-fiction and creative non-fiction. Why not surprise us and give us a book report, a public address, or some song lyrics? Anything goes, as long as it fits in the given parameters for the month.
Limit: 100 words. This does not include the title.

Entry 1: They Feared This Terrorist In Rough Clothing.

They feared this terrorist in rough clothing .
His rhetoric, his words of rebellion and change scared them.
The intel was that he was a Jewish spy trying to infiltrate government.
Others dismissed him as a homeless harmless individual with serious mental health issues.
He even said that he was God. Maybe biplora?
He had been before the authorities and he had been physically abused.
His cohorts sometimes supported him , sometimes doubted him.
His background suggested a simple man , who travelled around.
He was charged and executed , taken off the rack and into another’s grave.

Entry 2: Heavily Reduced

“Monique”, “Monique !!”
“Where’s the gown?”
“On the rack”
“Which rack”
“Out front”
Heart racing, I rush out front, eyes furtively scanning displays. Where is it? Is that it?
Rushing to the rack, I delicately lay the gown over my arm. Yes, it’s here, still complete, nothing missing.
I spy the price tag and laugh: “heavily reduced $1500, RRP $4000.”
Whilst this gown resembles many others, it holds a secret. Hand sewn into the bodice are 15 emerald cut diamonds surrounding a heart shaped ruby. Total insured value $3.5 million.
Someone could’ve scored the bargain of a lifetime.

Entry 3: Luscious Lamb

I salivated at the sight of my luscious lamb stretched out over the rack. The servants had been given the night off. We were alone in the Castle’s dining room. Firelight danced across her succulent body. As I stepped closer the aroma of her juices had me shivering with desire. Running my finger across her flesh I brought it to my lips. Should I devour her now or draw it out a bit longer? She looked ready. She smelt ready. But the night was so young why rush. Licking her I whisper “would you like me to eat you now?”

Entry 4: Soulmate

You are beautiful.

I have dreamed about you my entire life.

My mother always told me that I should follow my heart and live my life to the full. “Life is too short to hesitate because you never know when you may be run over by a bus!”

She may have a somewhat simple yet warped view of the world but when you find yourself standing in wonder in front of your soulmate, her advice begins to influence your every thought.

I can’t afford a rainbow coloured denim jacket today though, so I guess it stays on the rack.

Entry 5: On The Rack (Pork Belly)

I presented a beautifully crackled Pork Belly, with our homegrown broad beans, broccoli and freshly dug, roasted kipflers. There was also our apple sauce and, a spicy plum sauce.

It had taken me years to predictably get the crackling to work. Stephanie advised fridge-drying the cut for eight hours, getting the oil and salt into the scored skin without penetrating the flesh, and then, on the rack, into an extremely hot oven for 30 minutes, reducing the heat for another 30 minutes, resting and serving!

I awoke with a start – Mon Dieu, had I killed the pig before roasting it!

Entry 6: On the Rack (Since The Pandemic)

Since the Pandemic, the sons had returned home, like pigeons to roost. They brought female partners who transformed boyhood bedrooms into grown up space with pot plants, comfortable pillows and rugs. In the study the large rectangular table sports laptops and ergonomic mice as a roster of zoom meetings and lectures takes place. Through the windows, autumn turns into a winter landscape that is green and wet, and the dogs are walked by family members disguised in face masks. On the rack in the laundry the conglomeration of drying coats wait for liberation.

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