October 2020 Entries – Read & Vote Now

Voting is now open and will close at 11.59pm on Monday 2 November. To vote, simply use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.

Prompt: A funny thing happened at the Little Bridge St Bus Exchange
Style: Write in any style you please. Including but not limited to fiction, poetry, playscript, non-fiction and creative non-fiction. Why not surprise us and give us a book report, a public address, or some song lyrics? Anything goes, as long as it fits in the given parameters for the month.
Limit: 55 words.

Entry 1: The Funny Little Bridge
At the ‘Street Bus Exchange’ there are two bridges; one is bigger than the
other. The little one said to the big one, “Watcha doing?” the big one replied,
“Just arching my back. Why?”
The little one responded, “I just wondered; I’m flat out here.”
The big one retorted, “I suppose you think you’re funny!”

Entry 2: Unsolicited Advisor

“I bet a lot of women are glad they aren’t you…”  I begin, and she looks up from under her hat. Why do they always give me that look? I’m only telling her what I think – what I know – to be true. 
“… busing it around the city with two little kids, in this heat…”

Entry 3: Battleground
Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in for a cracker today.
In Bus Shelter 1 there’s accusatory glances, posturing and preening.
In Bus Shelter 2 there’s finger pointing, pacing and ranting.
The fuse is lit, any moment it will explode.
Only one thing can defuse this.
And here it arrives now, the 12:05 Ballarat – Sebastopol bus.

Entry 4: A Day Working At Little Bridge Street

Working security normally just meant a lot of walking. Occasionally I’d need to call the police or ambulance, but normally my presence was enough of a deterrent. After one shift I reviewed the video footage to re-listen to a conversation I overheard. I could still hear the two voices but could
only see one person.

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