Entry Conditions

  • You must have a current valid membership to enter. You can join online or contact our Memberships officer via email memberships @ ballaratwriters.com
  • One entry per member per month
  • All entries will be published anonymously on this blog.
  • Entries can be in any form of writing and any genre.
  • Your work must fall within the chosen parameters, which are published on this blog at the beginning of each month.
  • Your work must not exceed the word limit.
  • Your work must be original.
  • The winner will be determined by popular vote. The voting poll will be posted on the blog along with the entries.
  • Voting is open to anyone.
  • The winning entry will be read aloud (by the writer or a BW committee member) at the Member’s Night following the closing of the competition.
  • The winning writer will have their name published in an announcement and will receive a Ballarat Writers pen.


  • See the most recent blog post for the parameters of the current competition.
  • Send your work as pdf file attachment to an email to ballaratwriterscompetitions @ gmail.com by the specified date each month.
  • The subject of the email should be [Month] Flash Entry and in the body of the email include your name, title of the entry and word count.

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